An excellent Czech-German project - Versuch’s mal in Deutschland is a joint youth initiative that aims at educating as many young people in Czech Republic as possible about work and educational opportunities in Germany. Apart from facilitating the cooperation for the participants, the team members are also frequently asked to hold presentations at schools about short- and long-term stays possibilities in Germany. All this done by volunteers just because they love it.

As such, we wanted to come up with a design that would be found attractive by the main target group, that is young students, as well as their teachers who generally are the ones inviting presenters to their schools. We also helped with strenghtening the logo connection with the overall visuals, creating a stronger brand.

Additionally, the design had to respect a multilingual requirements. That often requires a thorough consideration of many graphic aspects as varying header and paragraph sizes could easily ruin the feeling. Generally, some may be expressed more concisely in one language while some in the other.

1 Website variations
2 Website

In the end, we’ve created an easy-to-use website for both visitors and client. You can effortlessly skim through the content divided into clear sections, find out more about the project or contact the team members. All the news are in form of blog posts that are later promoted on project's fb page.

3 Final design

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