iBodies is a an innovative new chemical compound that can be fairly easily designed towards any protein of interest and as such can effectively substitute antibodies in common biochemical methods. Sounds complicated? It sure does to us. But these are some ingenious folks who’ve come up with a splendid idea. You should really check out their page if you wish to hear something more scientific.

Unlike the product, the website was envisioned as an easily comprehensible and well-arranged presentation of the new compound, the research team and news related to their activities. At the same time, the overall design should have reminded visitors that the main emphasis is on biology and chemistry. Balance between usability and creativity was our main focus. Simple yet enthralling website was the solution.

During the development we kept in mind that the research team as well as the article management team is going to be rather large and possibly expanding. Therefore, it was vital to prepare the design part as well as the article management part aptly to ensure that any new (and often unexpectedly structured) article created by the users is going to look tiptop. We believe that all our goals and client’s requests were fully met to the last bit and words of praise from the research team were the greatest reward.

1 Website development
2 Website

Actually, we ended up creating a package design for the iBodies product itself, which was in fact for the first time and definitively a lot of fun. We created a tiny minimal box with a very simple construction. We were also coordinating the communication between our client and a printing company. We also designed a multiple versions of leaflets. Some of them for special events to present the product, some of them to be distributed inside the product package.

3 Package design
4 Prints

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