JM Demicarr
Established in late 90s’, JM Demicarr s.r.o. has developed itself into one of the most renowned sports field construction company in Czech Republic and the largest one in South Moravia. Their scope of work ranges from artificial grasses, tartan and artificial surface installations, through indoor multipurpose surfaces, to rejuvenation of depreciated artificial outdoor surfaces.

The company has been constantly developing since it’s early days and the management felt that every aspect of their unique identity must feel and be modern and up-to-date with expectations of the contemporary society. That includes, among others, an imaginative logo and website that combines elegance and an easy-to-use approach. That was our main goal thorough the whole development.

JM Demicarr operates mostly on the B2B market, therefore the design emphasizes simplicity, leanness and usability. Thus, the website structure consists of blocks divided by lines symbolizing a track field lines and other types of sport field installations. Each piece of content is at most three clicks far, ensuring that all the information is easy to find.

1 Website development
2 Website

Apart from the website, we put a great effort into designing a new logo that would be simple in structure yet distinctly capturing the company’s mission - providing clients with the best sport surfaces on the market. As such, the logo consists of first two letters of the firm’s name (standing for initials of the founders) that are symbolized yet again as track field lines. Elegant, informative, easy to remember and simple to draw even by hand.

3 Logo design

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