Our created template
Renomag s.r.o. in it’s more than 25 year long history has developed itself into a dominant player as a manufacturer of construction equipment and production tools in several European countries. The key concepts of the company are precision, reliability, efficiency and an emphasis on quality.
Our created template

Therefore, the primary goal was to come up with a web design that would be appealing to a wide range of visitors regardless whether they seek to buy a quality construction equipment or just browsing through the web. Every subpage needed to be clear, attractive and always just within reach.

In order to assure top quality design as well as a thorough content management system, the managers of Renomag s.r.o. hired two companies and each focused on a single area. Our task was to come up with a graphic design that would meet all the needs of the hiring company as well as their customers. It is always challenging to be the first chain of the link as the design and code must be comprehensible and respect the needs and limitations of the following team.

1 Website development

In the end, it has all nicely come together and the transition has worked out wonderfully. The result is a unique, customized template which is clean, well-arranged and potentially ready to be extended or modified in the future along with the company’s service and product offer extension.

2 Website
3 E-shop

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