Suho Moon
Suho Moon is a Korean actor, director and an outstanding puppet creator who found a deep passion in producing unusual and exceptional screenplays in which wooden puppets are in the limelight. Despite differing cultural tastes of the East and the West, Mr. Moon’s plays are adored by viewers in both Korea and the Czech Republic. Apart from the intriguing stage performances, he’s also an author of various exhibitions in which the main stars are, you guessed it, the wooden puppets.

Topics and storytelling varies from project to project, some features always distinctly stand out. These are, most notably, originality, simplicity, purity and playfulness. Keeping the artistic as well as technical side in our minds, we believe we’ve come up with a nice-looking simplistic design that allows shots from the puppet shows and exhibitions to stand out.

1 Website development

The unusual challenge we were facing was to assure that the design won’t break down in Hangeul - the Korean alphabet. Any time a language uses any character different from English alphabet, it could have a negative impact. Well, you can image what a wholly different alphabet may lead to then.

Along with the website we helped with the design of banners and posters for a play hosted in the Czech Republic. We created few versions with very different approach and ended up with preparing both digital and printed versions of the final promotion materials.

2 Website
3 Promotion materials

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