The Firearms
The Firearms are a young alternative rock band from our hometown. Ondra is a bassist of the band so it was pretty inevitable to help with all the visuals needed for a modern ambitious band. Since the band's music is changing and developing all the time, the design is constantly changing as well. New music needs new coherent visuals. We are helping the band with both digital and printed materials.

The first versions of the website was meant to be more or less a simple music player with coloured visuals. As the idea developed it became also a contact channel for the band and a gallery with press photos. Later it turned into an app-like mobile & user friendly microsite with a music player, all the lyrics, band's most important links and list of The Firearms's planned gigs.

1 Website development
2 Website

In 2017 the band decided to do a low-cost DIY music-video for a song Less Than Love. We decided to combine projections with live camera footage creating the atmosphere of the video. We also updated the band's visuals to go along with this idea. All the production of the video was done in just a few weeks as we were asked.

We created a very unique design of band's business cards. We wanted to create the same type of strange feeling visual effects that the band uses in digital world in a printed card. We ended up with using reflexive materials as the background of the cards with all the information printed on it. The feedback was great and the cards are extremely memorable.

3 Music video
4 Business cards

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