App development

We develop progressive web applications (PWA), microservices and API integrations. We leverage cutting edge technologies and we enjoy facing various challenges. Our entire development process is agile driven, enabling us to incrementally deliver key features as well as dynamically react to possible changes. We love ambitious and smart projects, which allow us to learn and grow in the process.

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How we work?

Our development process might vary depending on specific project, however there are always these following key phases, which help us in driving the project the right direction and which ensure the best result.

Analysis & planning

First of all we define the project size and scope. An important aspect of the analysis is the idea validation and research to see if the project idea is worth following or whether it needs some additional care. Based on previous experience and desired features, we estimate project costs and lead time.

Planning the development
01 Idea

Design & prototype

After collecting of all important information and ideas, we start with the application design. We emphasize on great looking UIs and fine UX, therefore along the designing process we create working prototypes, which we are able to test and validate on real users. Another part of the designing phase is a thorough proposal of technical solution and application architecture.

App design
02 Design


During the development process we focus on following today's best practices and writing clean code. Automated tests and comprenhensive documentation are a matter of course. These practices make the final product easily maintainable and extensible, providing additional value to its future use and development.

App with clean code
03 Code

Release & maintenance

We try to lower the production costs by automating the key processes and tasks. Leveraging an application container platform called Docker ensures a high reliability as well as great scalability and low maintenance costs. We will be happy to discuss any details and help you with maintaining your application infrastructure.

App maintenance
04 Maintenance
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