We are developing fast, safe & secure, modern, fully rensponsive websites. All our websites are tested on various devices & browsers. We are creating all sorts of websites - from the large-scale sites for international companies to small presentations of individuals. We are ready for every challenge and happy to work on unique solutions.

Our websites recieve the highest scores in SEO tests. We optimize our webs for internet search engines and we can set-up all the Google Business and Google Ads services. Our websites are also provided with SSL certificate and reliable hosting.

Have a look on some of our projects.

How do we do it?

We will guide you through the whole process of web development. What does it mean to develop a custom website? Let us show you what we really do.

Before we start drawing...

We want to create websites that have real meaning. At the beginning we are interested in your idea what the web should be like, how should it feel, what is its purpose and who is your target audience. We want to be on the same page with you on all of that and set-up a common goal.

Before we will start creating there is time for analysis. We will analyse your current website, your competitors and market. We will choose the right technologies and scale the project accordingly. We will also help you with getting the right domain for your project.

proccess of web development 01 proccess of web development 02
01 Common goal
02 Analysis

Architecture & logic.

We devide your web content into a sensible structure - a sitemap. We will find the most important parts of your web and make them visible. We will make the flow of the web very fluent and all the connections between individual pages clean & logical.

Next step is creating a layout. We will decide where will be the main menu situated, how we will divide a content of a page graphicaly. We will also make special layouts and UI for mobile devices.

proccess of web development 03 proccess of web development 04
03 Sitemap
04 Wireframes

What does it look like?

We will create a special graphic design for your web. We want to further expand your brand design and let your customers know what you are like. The best sketches will be transformed into a prototype that you can try yourself.

After the final looks are given a green light we will start with coding itself. We use the most up-to-date technologies that will deliver a fast reliable website as a result. During the development we test web performance on various devices & browsers.

proccess of web development 05 proccess of web development 06
05 Design & prototype
06 Code & testing

Ready to go!

We would love to help you with preparing ideal contents for your website. We provide user administration that is scaled to fit your project and we will gladly guide you through its UI.

We provide hosting services & domain registrations. We will put your web online and install SSL certificate to it. We will optimize your website & Google accounts to upgrade search ranking of your page. Along with all of that we will start an analysis that will give us new ideas about further improvement of your new site.

proccess of web development 07 proccess of web development 08
07 Administration
08 Final web & optimalization
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